Fire Protection Design Services

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Did you know that Fire Check Consultants (FCC) not only provide Fire Safety Performance Solutions and Reports but we also provide Fire Systems Design and Certification Services…

FCC specialise in all aspects of fire safety engineering and protection design, including:

  • fire protection system design (wet and dry)
  • fire safety schedule and baseline data
  • evacuation signage and asset register
  • fire safety training
  • tender specifications

encompassing fields such as: health and specialist care accommodation, mining, industrial, commercial, residential and domestic fire risks.

Having been in the industry for over 20 years’ FCC are experts in our field, particularly when it comes to fire protection design services (wet and dry). Our fire protection engineers are registered/licenced in all aspects of fire systems design, inspections, commissioning and witness testing.

FCC’s fire safety design and protection design documentation packages include all of the necessary information to ensure our clients can successfully implement during construction stages. We ensure that our design is consistent with all relevant standards, aims to ensure risk mitigation and where possible, assist with costs-saving measures.

Once systems are installed, performance levels are required to be maintained including ensuring routine servicing activities are undertaken and appropriately recorded.  FCC, where baseline data is unavailable or lack, can assist in preparing baseline data records and the necessary documents for your building in order to maintain the relevant records.

FCC also assist with:

  • selection and location of portable fire response equipment and special hazards risk identification and mitigation
  • preparing and maintaining evacuation signage and asset registers, emergency response diagrams, emergency response plans etc.
  • organising regular emergency response training

fire safety engineer checking alarm systems

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