Fire Investigation Services

Fire Investigative and other matters

Fire Check Consultants have worked on numerous fire investigation matters. 

We can determine the cause and origin of a fire and defend the matter if the fire leads to subrogation or a lawsuit.  In addition to fire investigation, we determine the cause of unwanted alarms, unwanted sprinkler activations and sprinkler failures in buildings. We can assess the damage in the building due to a fire and provide a consolidated report.

Fire Investigation

Fire investigations involve the comprehensive analysis of fire-related incidents. When the firefighters have finished battling and extinguishing the fire, an investigation is launched to determine some key factors, including the origin of the fire and the cause of the fire.

Using a systematic approach and armed with decades of knowledge in the fields of fire science and engineering, our team can help put the mysteries surrounding a fire investigation to bed.

Unwanted Alarms

Unwanted alarms are a significant problem for the community and relevant stakeholders. An excessive number of unwanted alarms can result in non-compliance with relevant section of the Fire Service Act. In addition to legislative non-compliance, unwanted alarms can lead to the negative effects such as brigade call-out costs, disruption to businesses, unnecessary use of fire service resources and increased public complacency.

We have been involved in a number of unwanted alarm projects, which have led to successful outcomes for business and building owners. An unwanted alarm assessment is able to analyse the cause of unwanted alarms and recommend the most economical form of addressing the issue.

fire sprinklers activating

Unwanted Fire Sprinkler Activation

Fire sprinkler activation can be caused by mechanical impact, thermal changes, excessive pressure inside the fire protection piping, or from an underrated fire sprinkler installed in a location where the temperature exceeds the rated temperature for that head rating. Mechanical impact during sprinkler fitting may result in frame, bulb, fusible link/strut/hook damage, which can result in leaking or alteration of activation settings. Immediate separation of bulb or fusible link assembly may also result, leading to unwanted activation.

Our experts conduct site visits and collect all relevant evidence and information, and determine the most probable cause of unwanted fire sprinkler activation.

cPVC Sprinkler Component Failure

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (cPVC) sprinkler components are used in fire sprinkler systems due to their high resistance to temperature and corrosion. When performing as it should, they can be highly effective in ensuring water distribution through the fire sprinklers.

If the component fails, you could be risking an increased risk of water damage and subsequent risk of fire spread if isolation valves are closed. We can help to analyse pipe failures in your premises. Talk to our team about getting your cPVC sprinkler components checked, maintained and repaired.

Fire Damage Assessment

After a fire incident, building components are weakened and exposed. The assessment of fire damage and the subsequent reinstatement of the structure are actioned under a well-defined assessment process using established assessment methods. The criteria for replacing fire-damaged items need to be assessed individually considering the construction material affected, the probable temperature that occurred in the premises, and the likely fire spread mechanism.

As experts, we can help to determine the extent of fire damage and provide you with an extensive and detailed report for investigative or insurance purposes.

Your investigation for top fire safety services ends here, with us!

We provide the full range of investigation services for all things fire safety and risk management. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.