Fire Protection Design Services

Fire protection design services and Baseline data

Fire Check Consultants specialise in fire protection design services (wet and dry) for organisations, businesses, buildings and structures of all types and sizes.

We provide design and documentation packages with all of the necessary information to ensure our design can be successfully implemented during the construction stage.

Fire Protection System Design

Fire Check Consultants offer specification and design drawing service encompassing mining, industrial, commercial, residential and domestic fire risks. This service includes producing designs, specification writing, and design drawing production of fire protection systems such as fire sprinkler system, wall-wetting sprinkler system, fire hydrant and hose reel system, water spray system and deluge system, gaseous fire suppression system and automatic fire detection and alarm system. 

We can render our services for selection and location of portable fire response equipment and special hazards risk identification/mitigation. Our fire protection engineers are registered/licenced in all aspects of fire systems design, inspections, commissioning and witness testing.

fire safety engineer checking the alarm system of a building with his laptop

Fire Safety Schedule and Baseline Data

Fire protection systems and equipment are installed in order to achieve the performance required by the approved design. This performance level is expected to be maintained. Routine servicing activities are required to be undertaken by AS 1851 and the results recorded.

For certain activities, AS 1851 requires these results to be verified against baseline data to demonstrate the system/equipment performance required by the approved design is being achieved. The unavailability or lack of baseline data will prevent you from being able to verify the result. 

Where required baseline data is unavailable or lack, we can prepare the baseline data after collecting all the necessary documents for your building.

Emergency Exit Sign Fire Safety Fire Protection Design

Evacuation Signage and Asset Register

Fire Check Consultants can prepare Evacuation Signs for your building, assist building management and occupants in understanding the plan, and impart training during drills.

We can produce a Fire Protection Equipment Asset Register and bar-coding schedules for a building’s fire protection equipment. This can be performed at the same time as the fire safety audit is undertaken.

In addition to providing an asset register of fire protection equipment, the register enables more efficient monitoring and service of the equipment by building owners and maintenance contractors.

Fire Safety Training

It is well quoted, “A little fire is quickly trodden out; which, being suffered, rivers cannot quench.” It is therefore important that the fire must be controlled during its initial stage and can easily be tackled by someone with the right training. It is essential that all building occupants must participate in a training programme and everyone knows exactly what is to be done in case of any fire emergency.

Fire Check Consultants can organise regular fire safety training for employees and make them familiar with the existing building fire safety and fire protection arrangements and action to be taken in the event of a fire.

Periodical assessment should be made to check if the training imparted to the occupants is effective. If necessary, refresher training can also be arranged. If you are seeking to make all your building occupants excel in the fire safety procedures, then you shouldn’t think twice before contacting us.

Tender Specifications

Tender specifications can be detailed, complex and specific. That’s why our tender specifications services for fire safety management applications and solutions can be critical for a successful tender. The procurement process for fire protection systems doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

We can manage your project to install fire safety and fire protection systems in the building.

Tender specifications are prepared for the required fire safety system and then we invite the tender and select the most economical tenderer for client. Just speak with our team to find out more about our tender-related services.

Fire protection is our speciality, so contact our team today!

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