Fire Risk Management Services

Fire Risk Assessment and Management

Fire Check Consultants are your partner for audits and certifications according to Australian National Construction Code, Australian Standards and other international standards.  We hold accreditation for the certification from all Australian states, territories and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

We have conducted fire risk assessments and audits of essential fire safety requirements for all occupancies and workplaces (including hazardous installations) and confirmed compliance.  With our risk management services, you can strengthen your business by evaluating the quality and performance of your workplace, identifying vulnerabilities and initiating improvement measures.

Fire Risk Assessment

An important aspect of fire safety is the fire risk assessment. The risk assessment is a requirement for many buildings under local legislation, which can be used to develop a fire strategy for the building.

We are able to conduct the risk assessment and prepare fire strategy documents. Our consultants use several risk assessment tools to determine the overall risk of the building and assess the building’s egress facilities for developing a complete evacuation strategy.

Fire Safety Audits

FCC can undertake a fire safety audit of your building or site. The audit assesses the building for compliance with the NCC, relevant Australian Standards and the State/Territory Building Fire Safety Regulations. This involves performance testing of essential services within the building and ensuring that the results are compliant with the standards in force at the time of audit.  The audit findings also provide recommendations on how to remedy any non-compliances that were identified.

Our audit reports help demonstrate compliance with the relevant codes to building approval officers, certifiers, councils or insurance companies.  Compliance with the NCC ensures your building or site is fit for occupancy and has minimal risk to life safety and its content property.

External Wall Cladding (Façade) Audit

A combustible building facade acts as a stack and accelerates the rate of fire and smoke spread toward the building envelope. Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) are commonly used by designers and builders worldwide as feature panels or lining to provide a decorative finish to the external walls of buildings.

Building insurers have concerns about combustible panels due to a spate of external facade fires. Several audits revealed that many buildings have exterior combustible cladding, potentially leaving those buildings at risk. 

We can determine the extent of use of non-compliant external wall cladding materials that could deteriorate into unsafe conditions and suggest a range of possible mitigation measures. We can also provide a performance solution report to retain the combustible cladding with specific analyses or additional provisions.

Hazardous Goods Inspections

FCC can undertake a hazardous goods inspection for your building or site. The inspection will assess the nature and storage conditions of hazardous goods against AS 1940 – The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.

We can tailor the inspection to suit a specific hazardous goods item or compliance issue. The inspection findings are published in a report, which will also provide recommendations on how to remedy any non-compliance issues.

Hazardous Goods Inspections and reports are helpful in demonstrating compliance with AS 1940 to Fire Service Safety Assessment Officers or insurance companies.

Fire Safety Management Plan

FCC can prepare a Fire Safety Management Plan and Management-In-Use Plan for your building and assist building management and occupants to understand the plan, and impart training at the time of drills.

Generally, it is a legislative requirement for the occupier of a building to maintain a Fire Safety Management Plan and Management-In-Use Plan and to provide adequate instructions to occupants concerning the action to be taken by them in the event of fire. The building management is required to keep a copy of these documents along with the relevant approval documents for the building. 

For the success of Fire Safety Management Plan, it is essential that all building occupants must participate in a training programme.     

Effective risk management starts with Fire Check

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