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Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


A 3-storey Class 7a carpark and Class 9a health care building (Type B construction) was proposed to have external wall openings within 3 metres of the allotment boundary. This FER addressed the openings between columns in the ground floor carpark. NCC Clause C3.2(a) states that openings within 3 metres of the side or rear boundary must be protected in accordance with C3.4. Openings between columns were identified along the sides of the building within 3 m. Compliant methods for protection of voids in accordance with C3.4(a)(iii) include construction having an FRL not less than -/60/-. To assess whether the proposed method of opening protection complies with NCC Performance Requirement CP2, a quantitative analysis was conducted. To achieve compliance with the proposed performance solutions, FCC recommended specific fire safety measures.