Visa Global Logistics, Port of Brisbane QLD

large warehouse with tall shelves of stock


Fire Protection System Design


FCC was appointed by Visa Global Logistics to undertake a site audit to determine if the existing sprinkler system could able to adequately protect the new high-hazard commodities stored in double-row racks. The existing pieces of equipment (sprinklers, pipes, tanks, pumps) were carefully scrutinised to come up with recommendations which suits the Client’s needs. Among the various options considered, two options were put forward which would achieve compliance with the least amount of disruption to the business. One was reducing the storage capacity to a certain level with no sprinkler system upgrades required, whilst the other was to maintain the storage capacities but would require intermediate-level sprinklers to be installed. With these types of site audits, Clients assured that whichever option they opted, the facility that they were operating would be adequately protected to the relevant standards.