Symbion Pharma Distribution Centre


Unwanted Sprinkler Activation


A new warehouse, for Symbion Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre, was constructed at 51 Peterkin St, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110. The warehouse contains multiple CubyTMand pallet racks for storage. The CubyTM area is classified as high hazard and is protected with a newly installed automatic fire sprinkler system. Tyco ESFR-17 fire sprinklers are installed on all 8 levels, and also at roof level.

While carrying out the final commissioning of the fire sprinkler system within the CubyTM area, one fire sprinkler head was observed to have a minor leak, whilst two fire sprinkler heads fully activated during water filling and pressure testing of the system.

Fire Check Consultants were appointed to determine the most probable cause of fire sprinkler head failure. The intent of the report was therefore to investigate the most likely cause of failure. After site visit, interview and scrutiny of documentations, plausible scenarios were reported to ascertain the cause of fire sprinkler failure.