Storage King, Stafford QLD

parking lot of storage king in stafford queensland


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


An existing single-storey food distribution warehouse located at 15 Babarra Street, Stafford QLD 4053 was to be redeveloped into a two-storey storage facility for ‘Storage King’. A new second level was to be constructed within the existing building shell by utilising the existing high roof. It was constructed prior to 1993 and building had a steel portal frame structure. The building was compartmented to floor areas less than 2,000 m².  As the building existed before 14 December 1993, the redevelopment works were assessed against the Building Act 1975 Section 112 ‘Concessional approval for existing particular buildings.’ The redevelopment proposal was fit the building with an AS 2118.1 fire sprinkler system and AS 1670.1 smoke detection system and alarm system.