The Stanley Hotel & Suites, Port Moresby PNG

the stanley hotel in papua new guinea


Fire Engineering


Fire Check Consultants (FCC) were appointed to undertake a fire engineering assessment of the proposed building development.

The hotel complex is located in Port Moresby, PNG. The hotel complex was proposed to be connected to the adjacent three storey Vision City Shopping Centre. Both buildings were belonging to the same client. The effective height of the hotel complex is 73 m and have a rise in storeys of 19.

The building complex proposed to be a mixed classification of hotel, offices, retail, car park and public assembly halls. The predominant use of the building complex is hotel. FCC addressed the Building Code of Australia (BCA) non compliance issues identified by Certis Pty Ltd –

  • Existing shopping centre and proposed new hotel building are connected through 2 levels with no apparent separation – together they must comply with all the requirements of the BCA as though they were a single building.
  • Public corridors are more than 40m in length in the Class 3 residential levels
  • Exit travel distance
  • Distance between alternative exits
  • Dimensions of exits and paths of travel to exits on 1st level
  • Smoke exhaust to banquet / convention centre
  • Travel via fire isolated exit stairs
  • Separation of rising and descending stair flights

FCC presented a robust proposal for solutions to non-compliance issues in order to comply with the Performance Requirements of the BCA.