St Margaret’s Sports Precinct, Ascot QLD

St Margaret's Sports Precinct in Ascot Queensland


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


Two new buildings were proposed to be constructed at the existing premises of St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, Ascot QLD. The proposed buildings were to be a HPE building (3 storeys) and gymnasium/auditorium building. FCC addressed the non-compliances identified by the Building Certifier in the HPE building, such as openings within 6 metre, extended travel distance and booster location near to building.  The wall of gymnasium building was also proposed to be constructed with Rodeca wall panel (GmbH). The product was tested in conformity with the European Standards (BS EN 13501-1:2007). FCC analysed the product equivalence to AS 5637.1 and found satisfied the requirements as stated in the NCC Specification C1.10 Section 4. The Performance Solutions were accepted by all stakeholders. FCC inspected all the fire safety requirements and issued the completion letter.