Rockhampton Mater Hospital


Evidence of Suitability


The subject building was proposed for additions and alterations. The linen chute was proposed to be relocated and pass through the floor slab of Level 2 and a common wall of Level 1 in the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) building. The building architect identified that the penetrations through floor slab and wall for linen chute might compromise the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of the floor and wall, and therefore, would not comply with National Construction Code, Volume One, Deemed-to-Satisfy provision.

In response to the architect’s concern, the identified issue was analysed. The assessment demonstrated that the proposed arrangement of linen chute was not expected to reduce the fire rating of the floor and wall. Linen chute ducts were proposed to be covered with fire retardant coating to provide an FRL of specified value. Penetrations through floor slab were also proposed for suitable lining around chute, fire stop sealant, and fire pillows to cap between slab opening and chute. Charge and discharge openings in linen chute were protected by a self-closing fire door.