Pindara Hospital Carpark


Fire Engineering


The existing 4-level car park having an area of 13,600 m2was proposed to be extended by 2 levels creating a 6-level car park with a total floor area of 20,400 m2.

The performance requirement issue was considered from the AS 2419.1 for operating the number of fire hydrant outlets required to discharge simultaneously according to the building classification and floor area.

AS2419.1 Table 2.1 requires 3 hydrants for greater than 10,000 m2plus 1 additional hydrant for every additional 5,000 m2, bringing the total required hydrants in operation to 6. Table 2.2 requires unassisted attack hydrants to have 10 L/s, which leads to a total required flow rate of 60 L/s. This flow rate was not achievable out of the installed fire hydrant system.

The aim of the assessment was to rationalise the fire hydrant flow and pressure requirements. The issue was successfully resolved and successfully accepted by all stakeholders.