Oaktree Retirement Village, Pelican Waters

Front view of Oaktree Retirement Village in Pelican Waters Sunshine Coast


Fire Advisory Services (Consultant’s Advice), Fire Engineering (Performance Solutions), Risk Management (Evacuation Signs and Emergency Evacuation Plan), Certification (Form 15 and Completion Letter)


A new multi-storey residential development was proposed at the Corner of in Pelican Waters QLD. The project is known as Pelican Waters Retirement Village. The retirement village building consisted of 4 residential levels, a basement car park, and a roof observation/garden deck. The building installed with a AS 2118.4 fire sprinkler system (a non-required fire safety system by the DtS provisions) on levels 1 to 4. The retirement village has on-site management/staff. The intent of this Fire Engineering Report was to address the non-compliances with the NCC DtS provisions as identified by the Regulatory Consultant. The Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plan was also developed with the objective to familiarise all occupants with the emergency procedures in place to facilitate safe, orderly and timely evacuation of the building when required during fire and smoke, medical emergency, bomb threat, emergency lockdown, personal threat, internal emergencies, including loss of utility services, spill of hazardous substance and gas leak, and external emergencies including storm, earthquake and flood.