Norfolk Island International Airport


Fire Protection System Design


Fire Check Consultants (FCC) were appointed by ‘Norfolk Island Regional Council’to undertake a fire engineering assessment of fire hydrant system installed at the Norfolk Island International Airport. The airport was initially constructed at the time of World War-II and then redeveloped in the year 1989/1990. The airport precinct was under augmentation scheme in line with the Planning Act 2002, Norfolk Island Development Plan No. 5 (Norfolk Island Airport, April 2010). Under the scheme, a new cargo terminal for Burnt Pine Travel was proposed to be added near to Airport Terminal Building.

To assist ‘Norfolk Island Regional Council’in making a determination, the report presented the findings of an assessment undertaken at the time of site inspection and discussions with the stakeholders. The report analyses the adequacy of the existing fire hydrant system and fire hose reels, and provides the details of proposed modifications/requirements in the systems for protecting the Airport Terminal Building and other facilities. Fire hydrant design was also undertaken by FCC for the new fire hydrant services. This included a number of drawings and a specification brief.