National Storage, Brendale QLD

National Storage building in Brendale Queensland


Fire Engineering (Concept Design and Performance Solution)


The total area of the site is approx. 5,531 m2. The site proposed two buildings. Building ‘1’ was proposed to consist of 3 storeys having a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 4,796 m2 and an approximate volume of 43,164 m3. Building ‘2’ proposal consisted of 2 storeys having a GFA of 2,750 m2 and an approximate volume of 16,500 m3. As a self-storage facility, the entire Class 7b portion is deemed non-habitable by the NCC. Each 7b storey/portion was to be divided into individual metal self-storage units. For both buildings, the design resolution was to fire compartment each building to avoid an occupancy having an excessive fire hazard, so that each fire compartment would not exceed 2,000 m2 in floor area, nor more than 12,000 m3 in volume, where timber floors were proposed, and storage heights would exceed 4 m.