Mount Kynoch Water Treatment Plant QLD

yellow cylindrical tanks


Fire Safety Audit, Fire Risk Assessment (HAZID) and Hazardous Goods Inspection


Fire Check Consultants were appointed by Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to undertake a Hazard Identification (HAZID) Assessment and a fire safety audit of the Mount Kynoch Water Treatment Plant. This HAZID assessment was intended to provide a detailed strategy for TRC to address possible existing fire risks by implementing mitigation measures that allow continuous operation of critical assets into the foreseeable future. To determine appropriate mitigation measures, a ‘what if analysis’ approach was considered. The assessment also intended to provide recommendations for the chlorine leak detection and alarm system and potential options of asset protection for their critical machinery in the event of a fire as requested by TRC. The Fire Safety Audit was to assess the existing practices of the building, the intended use and associated fire safety hazards. The intent of providing the audit assessment was to confirm building compliance with the applicable legislative requirements, ensure occupants are provided with the maximum possible safety during the event of a fire, mitigate further risks of fire and smoke spread and provide recommendations for ‘best practice’.