Mereenie Oil and Gas Field, NT

oil and gas processing plant in mereenie, northern territory


Fire Safety Design Strategy and Fire Protection Design


Fire Check Consultants were engaged to provide clarifications and advice for the following items at the existing oil and gas processing plants, namely ‘Eastern Satellite Station and Central Treatment Plant’ (ESS and CTP) –

  • reducing the requirements for fire extinguishers proposed under the based on the NCC 2019 Volume One Clause E1.6 DtS provisions, in conformity with AS 2444 in the unmanned areas; and
  • an alternative to non-aerosol fire extinguisher with an aerosol fire extinguisher (Firestryker) in all site vehicles under the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2010 (NT).

The area belonging to ESS and CTP, within the boundary fence is mainly unmanned, except when servicing of the plant equipment is occurring. The unmanned area contains several types of fire extinguishers, which are subjected to frequent maintenance and replacement.  In response, the identified concerns have been analysed. The conducted analyses demonstrate that the current number of installed portable fire extinguishers for the unmanned processing plants are exorbitant and unnecessary as they are not contributing toward the level of safety of the employees, provided by the plants. Also, aerosol-based fire extinguisher ‘Firestryker’ were proposed in the site vehicles for safe and effective use.