McDonnell & East Ltd Building, Brisbane

mcdonnell and east ltd building in brisbane cbd


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


McDonnell & East is an existing three (3) storey building located at 414 George Street, Brisbane and the building was constructed prior to December 1993. Fire Check Consultants were involved with the refurbishment of the building. The building, after refurbishment, was required to meet the DtS requirements for Type B construction. The Building Certifier identified the non-compliances. Alternative building solutions were developed to address each non-compliances. As part of this refurbishment, the client decided to install fire sprinkler system throughout the building in compliance with E1.5 and E2.2 of the BCA; and install an occupant warning system throughout the building. These two new features ensured a higher level of fire safety afforded to the occupants.