Lennon’s Hotel, Brisbane QLD


Fire Engineering


Fire Check Consultants (FCC) were appointed to undertake a fire engineering assessment of the existing building development.

The building currently trades as ‘THE CHIFLEY’ hotel and contains 28 storeys with an effective height of 81.48 m. The building was running for commercial purposes such as hotel and offices. The client proposed to refurbish this building in its entirety and convert all offices into residential units with an $35 million dollar plan.

The Building Certifier has undertaken a detailed assessment for this project and identified the following issues –

  • Travel distance to a point of choice and to an exit at various floors.
  • Rationalisation of smoke lobby floor area.
  • Rationalisation of fire sprinklers from top of lift shaft.
  • Rationalisation of zone smoke control from retail parts.
  • Reduced width of the path of travel to an exit.
  • Reduced with of the landing in the fire stair due to the relocation of the fire hydrant into the fire stair.
  • Reduced width of stairs.

FCC presented a robust proposal for solutions to non-compliance issues in order to comply with the Performance Requirements of the Building Code of Australia Volume One.