iSeek Data Centre, Brisbane Airport QLD

iSeek Data Centre in Brisbane Airport


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


A new data centre building with ancillary office was proposed at 4 Cycas Lane Brisbane Airport, QLD 4008. It was to form Stage 2 of the ‘iSeek Data Centre’ project. The building primarily consists of a data hall (computer/server storage room), build rooms, electrical switchboard rooms, battery storage rooms, store rooms, office rooms, and an office kitchen/lounge. The data centre rooms with highly sensitive electronic/IT equipment are installed with an automatic clean agent/gaseous fire suppression system, which is to be activated by either local aspirating smoke detectors or point-type smoke detectors. A smoke detection system is installed in all other portions of the building. The Building Certifier identified a few non-compliances (such as travel distance) against the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019. FCC demonstrated that the Performance Solution allows occupants to evacuate within a shorter period compared to a DtS design. The report was accepted by all stakeholders, including Airport Building Controller.