G8 Education QLD and NSW

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Project Management


G8 Education is Australia’s largest ASX listed Early Education and Care provider in Australia with some 468 locations nationwide. All sites (Centres) required some form of preventative, corrective and reactive servicing of installed Essential Safety Measures (ESM) which formed part of this Contract’s scope. The Contract was to allow for the supply of services to all nominated equipment located within every Centre and support office for the period of 36 months (3 years) with a 2 by 1 year option. 

The Contractor must perform the Services for G8 Education set out in each Request:

  • at each location, in the volumes, at the times and in the timeframes required by that Request;
  • in accordance with the relevant Specifications (if any); and
  • in accordance with the relevant Annexure (if any), including to meet each milestone by the date specified in the Annexure.