Estilo on the Park, Chermside QLD


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


As part of the initial stage of the proposed development, known as Estilo on the Park, the building works involved the construction of two 15-storey residential apartment buildings at 75-81 Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside QLD 4032. The proposed 3-storey basement carpark underneath the residential towers connects the two buildings, which are therefore deemed as United Buildings. The building is protected with a fire sprinkler system. The building was required by DtS provisions to have varying fire resistance levels (FRLs) for each of the building classifications. However, a Performance Solution was employed to provide a single consistent FRL across  storeys, allowing a simplified method of design and construction. External roller blinds were also proposed on balconies throughout the building. The blinds were retained by demonstrating an unlikely hood of vertical fire propagation with the help of CFD modelling. Other minor issues were resolved with the help of quantitative and qualitative analysis.