Edge Early Learning Centre, Kelvin Grove

the edge early learning centre in kelvin grove queensland


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


The site comprised two building parts viz; ‘Front Building’ and ‘Rear Building’ Parts. Front Building was an existing old heritage listed development, consisting of 2 storey Class 1 dwelling and proposed for alterations, additions and change of occupancy. This front building was proposed for conversion into a 3 storeys Class 9b childcare centre. Rear Building was a new development, consisting of 3 storeys Class 9b childcare centre. Fire Engineering Report outlined the NCC departures from DtS provisions and applicable NCC Performance Requirements. Based on the Fire Engineering Analysis presented in the report, the proposed Performance Solutions satisfied the NCC Performance Requirements CP1, CP2, CP8, DP4, DP5, EP1.3 and EP1.4.