Containers Motel, Gympie QLD


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution)


Fire Check Consultants were engaged to provide a fire engineering assessment of the proposed development at 16 Wickham Street, Gympie QLD 4570. The intent of this Fire Engineering Report was to address the non-compliances with the DtS provisions of the NCC as identified by the Building Certification Authority. The proposed building consisted of a combined level ‘1’ car park and level ‘2’ motel rooms. The proposed structure on level 1 was to be an open deck and mainly made up of steel columns and beams. Level 2 was comprised of two rows of steel shipping containers with a central partially open corridor. The structure was suitably modified to meet the fire safety requirements. FCC proposed performance solutions to permit the common floor/ceiling steel shipping containers with DtS provision of fire separation. A fire severity study was conducted to determine if additional fire-separating construction was required to protect the upper level.