Bupa, Rangeville QLD


Fire Engineering


A new two-storey aged care facility was proposed to be constructed at 280 MacKenzie St, Rangeville QLD 4350 with 108 beds. The proposed site is approximately 5 km from the Toowoomba CBD with an area of 10,200 m².

Fire Check Consultants successfully investigated the following assessments –

  • General floor area and volume limitations – The building has been divided into 3 separate fire compartments. The area of one of the fire compartments is more than Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) limit of 3000 m²;
  • Class 9a and 9c buildings – The building consists of smoke compartments greater than 500 m²;
  • Exit travel distances –The exit travel distance from smoke compartment is more than DtS limit of 40 m;
  • Non-required stairways, ramps or escalators –A single non fire-isolated stairway is situated in the central common area. DtS requires all stairs between storeys to be fire-isolated;
  • Fire hydrants –Minor variations to the location of external fire hydrants; and
  • Swinging doors –Doors swing against the direction of travel through a horizontal exit.