Brisbane Entertainment Centre


Fire Protection Engineering and Tender Documentation


The Brisbane Entertainment Centre was built in 1985 and is used as and exhibition/entertainment hall and indoor sports venue. The site contains one main building which houses the hall, seating and associated administration and maintenance rooms.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre Management commissioned Fire Check Consultants (FCC) to identify any potential implications resulting from Queensland Urban Utilities [QUU] proposed water pressure reduction.

With reference to QUU pressure and flow modelling projections at the water service entry; hydraulic calculations were prepared to assess the pressure reduction impact on the most disadvantaged hydrant/s performance/compliance.
Also, the maintenance service provider stated that the fire hydrant block plans did not comply with current standards. Brisbane Entertainment Centre Management requested FCC to verify if the block plans were to be updated to meet current standards. The role of fire hydrant booster block plans is to provide attending fire brigade with relevant information of the fire hydrant system.

The report was prepared to detail findings and recommendations, based on the site inspection undertaken and information/ documentation provided. Subsequently, FCC were involved in inviting tenders for the provision of a new water supply system to serve the fire hydrant reticulation within the complex. This upgrade work was required because of the directive by the fire brigade to provide corrective action due to loss of pressure in the existing system. All the non-compliance’s were successfully resolved and successfully accepted by all stakeholders.