Ambience on Burleigh, Gold Coast QLD


Structural Fire Engineering and Fire Engineering


Fire Check Consultants were commissioned to review the non-compliance with the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) provisions of Building Code of Australia identified by the regulatory authority relating to the provision of fire safety provisions and special fire services required for this building.

‘Ambience on Burleigh’ is residential development at Gold Coast Highway Burleigh Heads Queensland. This building is consisted of two basement levels, ground floor level and two towers (East tower and West tower). East tower has a proposed rise in storeys of seven and an effective height of 18.75 m. West tower has a proposed rise in storeys of fifteen and an effective height of 41 m.

The DtS issues such as fire resistance level, vertical separation (spandrel protection), egress provisions, fire hydrant flow requirement, necessity of fire sprinklers provision, and many more were reviewed as part of an alternative building solution process. Qualitative and quantitative design assessment approaches were applied to assess and analyse each identified issue. Alternative solutions generated in the fire safety study were shown equivalent to the DtS provisions.