238 Robina Town Centre Drive QLD

Street view of a commercial building with parked cars


Fire Engineering (Performance Solution), Risk Assessment (Façade Audit)


Riverwalk Robina was proposed to be 4 storeys and one basement level development. This building was constructed with a glass facade on the eastern wall which forms part of the external walls.  Two stairways were provided within the building. One of these stairways was an open circulation stairway (non-fire-isolated) connecting the ground and the first and second floors. This open circulation stairway meets the definition of an atrium described in the Building Code of Australia without installing an automatic fire sprinkler system.  FCC provided the report addressing the Performance Solutions for life safety of occupants in the event of a fire. FCC also audited the external wall cladding system installed over the building.  FCC provided the Building Fire Safety Risk Assessment Report (External Wall Cladding Audit Report) and Form 35 for submission to QBCC.