125 York St, Nundah QLD

grayscale house exterior design


Fire Engineering (Performance Solutions)


Fire Check Consultants were engaged to provide a Fire Engineering Brief and Fire Engineering Report to support the proposed Performance Solutions incorporated into the residential development in Nundah QLD. The proposed 2-storey multi-unit development is SDA compliant (Specialist Disability Accommodation) and made of Type B construction. The building had non-compliant openings in the external wall within 3 metres of the eastern and western allotment boundary.  The proposal was to permit the window openings by providing permanently attached heat attenuation screens.  Quantitative radiant heat analysis “to” and “from” the adjoining allotment were conducted. The analysis considered heat attenuation screens installed over the window openings to reduce the amount of radiant heat passing through the opening by up to 43%. The outcome found radiant heat levels did not exceed the values defined in NCC verification Table CV1.