The University of Queensland Safer Buildings QBCC Part 3 – Audit


After 8 months of hard work, last week we completed the first phase of our project with the University of Queensland. After 66 building inspections and cladding audit reports, three presentations to the Properties and Facilities team and two meetings with the representatives from the insurer we can finally move on to Phase 2, that being the FEB/FER process for the buildings nominated to be defended through a Performance Solution.

The building audit portion of the works saw the FCC engineers scattered far and wide ranging from areas as central as St Lucia, out west as far as Gatton and Toowoomba and as far north as Rockhampton, and even over to Heron Island on the southern Great Barrier reef.

Now that the audit reports have been completed and reviewed by both P & F and the Insurer, The University of Queensland is on path for an overall cost saving of up to $13.5 Million by adopting performance solutions for around 20 of the 66 buildings, which is a significant sum in anyone’s book.

As always, FCC is able to offer a cradle to the grave approach when dealing with any of its clients. From the initial auditing phase, all the way through to construction, FCC is there answering questions and providing advice on the best pathway to compliance.

If you have a large- or small-scale project and would like to be offered the knowledge, that you as a client will be supported throughout the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.