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Unwanted Alarms

Unwanted Alarms are a significant problem for the community and relevant stakeholders. An excessive number of Unwanted Alarms can result in non-compliance with relevant section of the Fire Service Act. In addition to legislative non-compliance, Unwanted Alarms can lead to the following negative effects:

  • Brigade call-out costs incurred to building owners;
  • Increased costs and disruptions to business or building owner activities;
  • Unnecessary use of fire service resources in attendance;
  • Increased public complacency to alarm activations.

We have been involved in a number of Unwanted Alarm projects, which have lead to successful outcomes for business and building owners. An Unwanted Alarm assessment is able to analyse the cause of Unwanted Alarms and recommend the most economical form of addressing the issue. We are able to investigate whether a Deemed to Satisfy approach or Performance Solution approach is the best manner to resolve the Unwanted Alarm issue.

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