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ABN 79 612 210 616. Registered Professional Engineers in the Australasian Region. QBCC Licence 1006047. Fire Protection Contractors Registration Board Licence 365.

Fire Safety Audits

We can undertake a Fire Safety Audit of your building or site. The Fire Safety Audit assesses the building for compliance with the NCC, relevant Australian Standards and the State/ Territory Building Fire Safety Regulations. This involves performance testing of essential service within the building and ensuring that the results are compliant with the standards in force at the time of audit. The audit findings also provide recommendations on how to remedy any non-compliance that were identified. We can also supervise witness testing of fire protection equipment required to prove compliance.

Fire Safety Audits and Reports are of particular use to demonstrate compliance with the relevant codes to building approval officers, certifiers, councils or insurance companies. Confirming compliance with the NCC ensures building is fit for the purpose of occupancy and has a minimal risk to life safety and its content property.

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