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ABN 79 612 210 616. Registered Professional Engineers in the Australasian Region. QBCC Licence 1006047. Fire Protection Contractors Registration Board Licence 365.

Bush Fire Structure Design

Bush fires are a real and constant threat to many residents and building owners in Australia. Unfortunately, there is no adequate precautionary measure adopted to reduce the risk of bushfire in existing bush land communities. The threat from bushfires is obvious in many existing bush land communities that border extensive native bush lands. It may also be a threat for property that does not directly communicate with the Australian bush. In certain conditions, attack by flying embers may cause fires that can damage or destroy properties that would otherwise appear to be a safe distance from the bush.

Using our many years of experience in the fire industry, we can design bush fire structures to the traditional measures of hazard reduction in compliance with Australian Standard (AS 3959 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-prone areas) along with fire protection systems. We can also conduct audits of buildings and houses in bush fire prone areas to produce a report on how to reduce risk associated with bush fires.

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