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The Fox/Hotel Terminus QLD


Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Engineering


Hotel Fox/Terminus


Architects: PL Architects
Building Certifier: Building Surveying Professionals


Fire Check Consultants were appointed to undertake a fire engineering assessment of the existing building development.

The Hotel Fox/Terminus is a heritage listed located at South Brisbane. It was proposed for alterations and additions. The hotel is a four storey building and constructed prior to December 1993.

The fire engineering solution was to identify and isolate all plausible ignition sources. The major concerns were the risk to life and property by fire and smoke spread, since the floors are of timber construction and the access stairs are not fire isolated.

An engineered solution was developed, wherein the effects of a fire in the basement and ground floor were analysed using a Consolidated Fire and Smoke Transport Model (CFAST). The analysis did show that smoke will migrate via the non fire isolated internal stairs and affect the occupants in the above levels before they could evacuate.

To prevent smoke migration, adequate fire safety measures were proposed. All electrical cupboards were enclosed in non combustible construction having smoke seals.

This provided the required fire and smoke separation for all building occupants to evacuate in a timely manner. The building also had a new smoke detection and alarm system installed along with adequate emergency and exit lighting. The fire engineering solution had shown that both the occupants and fire fighters were able to attain life safety factors greater than that implied by the Building Code of Australia.