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QUT Gardens Point QLD


Fire Engineering


APP Corporation


Project Manager: APP Corporation
Architects: S2F Pty Ltd
Building Certifier: Philip Chun &Associates


The QUT Wet Laboratories project involves alterations to a portion of each existing building, being blocks E, M and R, to accommodate new wet laboratories at the QUT, Gardens Point campus, in Brisbane. The fit-out occurred in the following floors –

  • E Block – alterations to portion of levels 2 and 4;
  • M Block – alterations to portion of levels 5 and 6; and
  • R Block – alterations to portion of levels 1, 2 and 4.

The refurbishment design lead to a building code non-compliance in that the rating of the existing incipient fire spread ceiling was compromised. The fire engineered design resolved this non-compliance by providing performance based alternative solutions.

The scope of work also included the design and specification of the fire sprinkler system and a fire safety audit on the passive fire rating penetrations. This also involved regular construction inspections to ensure the systems were installed to the required specifications, codes and standards.