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Mary Makillop Nundah QLD


Fire Engineering


Opus International (Australia) Pty Ltd


Architects: Opus Architecture
Building Certifier: Bartley Burns


This existing building has a rise is storeys of 4, and all levels are served by 2 exit stairs. Both stairs are approachable from inside a common corridor at level 2 to level 4. The common corridor serves 4 classrooms. The length of the corridor is approximately 36 m, with open-able windows. The building was constructed prior to introduction of the Building Code of Australia.

The Building Certifier identified two non-compliance issues, as follows –

  • Open stairs from ground floor to top level; and
  • Doors from offices/store are proposed to open directly into stairway.

It was assumed that the construction of the stairs complied with the Building Regulations at that time and it would appear that there have been no significant changes to the construction of the stairs from when they were originally built. Fire Check Consultants resolved the issues by implementing Transitional Provisions under Building Act 1975.