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Cleveland Forest Place QLD


Fire Engineering


FKP Pty Ltd


Openings (external windows) were proposed through external walls of proposed fire compartments (bedroom and kitchen). Fire Check Consultants quantitatively analysed the openings that represent the worst-case conditions in relation to exposure to other units through open space. For the purposes of fire simulation modelling, enclosures within the fire compartment were characterised. Hand calculations and fire simulation modelling were employed to determine the peak fire temperature and smoke temperature inside the units. The identified peak fire temperature was then used in a heat flux fire simulation model to determine if fire spread is possible by heat radiation to the opposite units through open space.

The performance clause was satisfied by demonstrating that openings proposed through the external walls of different fire compartments will not cause the spread of fire by heat radiation. The solution was to provide heat radiation screens placed over the openings (windows) within 6 m of each other and within different fire compartments.